Monday, March 15, 2010

Kain Sulam , Murah2! Can be Tailored into Kebaya!

Okay, first bacth is all goone! alhamdulillah :)
Most don't know I was selling Muslimah Clothing too like jubah and baju labuh. yes , i did, and they all done!Waiting for the 2nd batch now, it will be a range of Jubah and baju labuh, inshaAllah. Of course will be announced later.

Currently my sister is selling 4 meter textile sulam tangan which looks very nice! I'm loving it and pretty cheap too! It's range RM100 - RM 150 !!! Can be booked trough me too if you want, then it will be delivered to UK. Hence, the postage will be charged.

If you want it ready tailored, just add RM30, give us your measurements, and it will be tailored into Kebaya as you wished before being delivered to you! ;)

* I used to buy kain in range price : RM300 above, but normally RM 450. So, i considered its cheap, plus, if you embroided ur cloth, the cheapest is RM50 ( dkat  tangan je) and if you want to make it as large embroidery as what been sold, it gona cost you more than RM150!Trust me.

Sulam Tempel : RM 150 (4 meters)

Sulam Bayang, Kain Chiffon : RM 120  (4 meters)

Sulam Pita, Kain Chiffon : RM 100

Sulam Benang Pita, Kain Tafeta : RM 140 

They were SOLD pretty quickly! Macam goreng Pisang Panas...make quick booking if you want to get one!

ORDER can be made NOW


[M] fashionista said...

Sulam tangan kain Chiffon Peach and Grey : SOLD OUT

Iman said...

Sulam tempel 2nd pic : Sold Out

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